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Additional attachments for loader

For loader

Silo bucket

Bucket with hydraulic grip is mounted on a quick-release mechanism. It is used to capture, move and load various oversized materials such as silage, straw, hay, manure, branches, leaves, boards, garbage. Bucket width 1150 mm.

21000 грн.

Communal brush

width 1250 mm, variable angle, powered by loader hydraulics, used for clearing snow or sweeping debris, sand and other loose materials (only compatible with loaders from Mars-400HL, Mars-400HL-B). Equipped with a fast-feeding mechanism.

32000 грн.

Loading forks

are intended for transportation, loading and unloading of euro-pallets, weighing no more than 380 kg. Are mounted on the quick-detachable mechanism of a loader. Length 1270 mm, width at the edges of the forks 470 mm, clearance between the forks 225 mm.

9000 грн.

Bucket 4in1

Designed for handling bulk materials, the hydraulic bucket mechanism allows for more efficient, non-displacement, and cost-effective bucket loading, as well as bulk material scheduling. Thanks to the hydraulic jaws, large objects can be picked up and transported. It simplifies unloading onto high transport, with a jaw bucket, the unloading height increases to 1.7 m. It is mounted on a quick-detachable loader mechanism. Bucket width 1000mm, volume 0.1m. cube

22000 грн.

Snow blade (active)

Designed for snow clearing, the variable blade angle in the horizontal and vertical planes allows you to work more efficiently, choosing the angle depending on the snow density and work speed. The angle changes when working from the loader hydraulics. Blade width 1260 mm.

18000 грн.


Designed for drilling holes in the ground up to 1.5 m deep and up to 400 mm in diameter. (actuator without auger)

22000 грн.

Hydraulic hammer

designed for dismantling hard surfaces of horizontal or vertical arrangement (concrete, brick, asphalt).

98000 грн.

Offroad wheels

Designed to work on soft and swampy soils, have increased cross-country ability, are recommended for use on snow, lawn, swamp. Not recommended for use on asphalt, concrete or other abrasive surfaces.

20000 грн.


Designed for the capture and transportation of oversized cargo such as logs, poles, curbs.

20000 грн.

Bucket with increased volume

The bucket with a volume of 0.35 m3 is designed for transporting bulk materials of light weight, such as sawdust, shavings, leaves, fuel pellets. In counterweight applications, it can be used to transport other materials such as sand, screenings, etc.

12000 грн.

Counterweight (Set)

Are established on a loader, increase loading capacity from 320 kg to 500 kg. It is recommended to be installed on a loader, it increases the load capacity from 320 kg to 500 kg. Recommended for TELESCOPE or heavy material loaders to increase tipping weight.

12000 грн.


For cutting the ground for communications. Depth up to 1 m, cutting width 10 cm. Cutting speed up to 1 m/min



The rooter is used for undermining and uprooting stumps, undermining stones and other objects grown into the ground.


planning frame

Used for uniform distribution of soil or other loose mixtures on the site


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