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About company

Minidiger first the Ukrainian company produces mini-excavators and loaders both on caterpillar tracks and on a wheelbase. The company was founded in 2013 as a manufacturer of mini construction equipment. During this time, it was possible to develop and implement about 10 models of mini excavators and dumpers (mini dump trucks). All activities of Minidiger are aimed at designing and manufacturing mini special equipment for construction teams, installation organizations, and agriculture to facilitate and significantly reduce manual labor. Our equipment is not so long ago on the Ukrainian market, but has already managed to gain popularity, since the small size and high functionality of our mini equipment allow us to cope with tasks where previously large equipment could not pass, and human resources were very costly in time and finances.

We consider the low cost of our products with decent quality to be a great achievement in this industry.

We offer democratic prices for special equipment and now even small teams or small farms will be able to buy mini equipment, thereby increasing their productivity without attracting someone else’s construction equipment, which will lead to an increase in the income of the teams. With us, you will also get a nice cost per hour of operation, because in our cars it is only the cost of fuel (about 1.2 liters per hour) and literally plus 3% of the cost of fuel for changing oil and filters.

And what is most interesting, to work on our construction machines you do not need to have a lot of experience, everyone will be able to operate special equipment after 2-4 hours of practice.

We will be happy to provide you with the opportunity to reduce manual labor with the help of our assistants.

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