Ukraine, Vinnitsa, st. Chekhov 25

Warranty and service

All our equipment is produced in Ukraine. Only high-quality components are used and we are sure that you will not need to contact us regarding the repair of mini excavators or other of our products. But still, all our mini-equipment purchased from us is covered by a warranty, a warranty period of 1 year. In case of necessity of provision of warranty works the client addresses to us, all service works are carried out only in the territory of the seller. We have warranty obligations only to the primary owner of the equipment.

We also provide all the necessary spare parts for our equipment, you can buy them by contacting us.
The service for mini excavators and loaders is located in Vinnytsia, 25 Chekhov Street, Ukraine. You can also ask us for a consultation by phone

т. +38-067-430-04-85
т. +38-063-21-63-610

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