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Mini loader Mars-400 TELESCOPE

Warranty 1 year

Mini loader Mars 400 Telescope is a versatile machine for all types of construction work. The main difference between the Mars-400 Telescope and other MARS models is the presence of a telescopic boom, with which the loading height is increased to 2.3 m. This loading height greatly expands the range of capabilities of a mini loader, now you can work with machines like KAMAZ or ZIL. Also, the outreach of the boom in the horizontal plane will allow you to work at a greater distance from the loader, which is very useful in moments of difficult travel. The MARS 400 telescope will be indispensable when transporting soil or other loose building materials, backfilling trenches and foundations, performing landscaping or snow removal.

Also, our loader is capable of transporting building materials such as cement or construction adhesive, lifting and moving heavy objects such as curbs or lintels, and removing and loading construction debris. The multifunctional loader Mars-400 will find a job for itself at any construction site or farm.

Mars-400 TELESCOPE loader with huge capabilities, it has a number of additional equipment such as a snow plow, snow thrower, hydraulic hammer, hydraulic drill, jaw bucket, road brush, branch grab, hydraulic hammer and much more.

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Universal communal machine, thanks to a large number of attachments.

Parameter/ Models Mars-400 TELESCOPE
Movement speed Up to 7 km / h
Number of speeds 2
Hydraulic lines for attachments 2 (low + high)
loading height 2,3 m
load capacity 380 kg. (500 kg*)
Loader Width 1,16 m
Bucket volume 0,1 m³
Length 2,7 m
Height 1,4 m
Engine 16 HP
Oil radiator there is
Fuel gas
Fuel consumption 1.2 l / hour

* With counterweight

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