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Mars-200 mini loader

Warranty 1 year

The development of the MARS-200 loader was dictated to us by our customers and production experience. The main task when starting the production of a new forklift is a more favorable price while maintaining the maximum of functions. The MARS-200 mini loader differs from our MARS-400 loaders.
due to the lack of a high line of hydraulics HL, accordingly, the speed of movement is only one up to 5 km/h. Also, MARS-200 has a simpler hydraulic scheme, from which protection elements, cooling of lubricants were excluded, the main pump was also changed to a simpler version (single-circuit).
To maintain the speed of movement with normal performance, large wheels with a good tread were installed.
The version of the telescopic boom remains, but is ordered separately.
These new loaders definitely expand the possibilities, small in size but powerful in functionality, a technique that will be useful in various fields, such as construction, landscape design, utility or farming enterprise.

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The main difference of the Mars-200 loader is its affordable price and convenient control

Parameter/ Models Mars-200 Mars-200 Mars-400 TELESCOPE
Movement speed Up to 5 km/h Up to 5 km/h Up to 7 km / h
Number of speeds 1 1 2
Hydraulic lines for attachments 1 1 2 (low + high)
loading height 1.7 m 2.3 m (telescope) 1.7 m 2.3 m (telescope) 2,3 m
load capacity 380 kg. (500 kg*) 380 kg. (500 kg*) 380 kg. (500 kg*)
Loader Width 1,16 m 1,16 m 1,16 m
Bucket volume 0,1 m³ 0,1 m³ 0,1 m³
Length 2,7 m 2,7 m 2,7 m
Height 1,4 m 1,4 m 1,4 m
Engine 16 hp 16 hp 16 HP
Oil radiator No No there is
Fuel gasoline gasoline gas
Fuel consumption 1.2 l/hour 1.2 l/hour 1.2 l / hour

* Using counterweights

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