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mini excavator MD-4

1 year warranty

Our engineers managed to create a machine with excellent ergonomics, ease of operation, wide capabilities and, traditionally for Minidiger, low operating costs. The cost of one hour of work on our mini excavator will be only the cost of fuel, which is about 1.2 l / hour of diesel, the remaining operating costs can be expressed as 2% of fuel costs. Which is beneficial for all areas of business.

The MD-4 excavator is a full-revolving excavator that can rotate the base by 360 degrees, is equipped with a standard swivel mechanism, and can withstand forces up to 3500 kg. Also, the mini excavator is equipped with a boom swivel mechanism, this option, in combination with the turret rotation, makes it possible to shift the digging axis and work in close proximity to an obstacle, for example, work along a foundation or other obstacles.

A hydraulic line is provided as standard, with quick couplings for connecting other actuators such as a hydraulic drill. A free hydraulic line is also provided for connecting additional actuators.

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The MD-4 mini excavator is an excellent assistant for you and your business, with ample opportunities and low operating and maintenance costs. Moto-excavator MD-4 is a semi-professional technique, it has the order of inclusion of PV-60%. All our equipment is covered by a guarantee of 12 months or 1000 motor-hours.

Parameter/ Models MD-4
Manufacturer TM Minidiger
Type Mini-excavator
Model MD-4
Producing country Ukraine
The weight 800 kg
Overall Height 1,93 m
Width 0,94 m
Length 1,94 m
Boom angle 90 deg
Base rotation angle 380 deg
Maximum boom lift 2,5 m
Maximum boom lift with bucket closed 2 m
Max Digging Depth 1,7 m
Traction force 1,5 T
Engine 9 HP
Fuel Diesel
Engine's type four stroke
Fuel consumption at 100% power 1.2 l/hour
Hydraulic working pressure 160 bar
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