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mini excavator MD-3

Warranty 1 year

Mini excavator MD-3 is the first caterpillar mini-excavator produced in Ukraine.

It has a number of advantages, such as high mobility, low operating costs, the cost of the excavator and its capabilities will pleasantly surprise our valued customers.

It is used on sites for any excavation work, it can be used for laying communications, laying a foundation, loading bulk materials, it can be used as a hole drill or a lifting mechanism.

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The MD-3 mini excavator is equipped with a front blade, which allows you to plan the site, fill up dug trenches. The dump on the excavator can expand due to inserts. High capabilities, low operating cost, ease of operation, mobility – these are our advantages.

Parameter/ Models Мд-3
Manufacturer TM Minidiger
Type Mini-excavator
Model MD-3
Producing country Ukraine
The weight 610 kg
Overall Height 1.9 m
Width 0.8 m
Length 1.8 m
Boom angle 180 deg
Maximum boom lift 2.5 m
Maximum boom lift with bucket closed 2 m
Max Digging Depth 1.7 m
Traction force 1,5 Т
Engine 9 HP
Fuel Diesel
Engine's type four stroke
Fuel consumption at 100% power 1.2 l/hour
Hydraulic working pressure 160 bar
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