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Hinged excavator Grif for mini tractors

Warranty 1 year

Hinged excavator Grif for mini tractors with power from 20 to 40 hp. The main difference from our ET-1 and ET-2 models is the central location of the boom (in ET models, the boom is shifted to the right), the boom turns 180 degrees from right to left. The excavator is attached to the tractor using a three-point attachment. Assembled with a 6-slot tractor PTO, no cardan required. The hydraulic system of the excavator is closed, has its own tank and pump, so it works in a balanced and correct manner regardless of the model and hydraulics of the tractor. For convenient work with a mounted excavator and to increase the productivity of the installation, the hydraulic system was divided into two lines, which will allow to perform two operations at the same time (lifting the boom and turning the boom…). The landing is convenient, high, the operator sees the entire work process to the entire depth of the trench. To prevent the operator from falling, the chair is equipped with safety belts. The mounted excavator has two lateral outriggers (autotrigger) that diverge to the sides of the tractor and provide good stability during operation. The Grif mounted excavator is equipped with corkscrews for lowering the boom and turning the boom for safe transportation. Powerful and reliable Ukrainian-made equipment. Will greatly expand the capabilities of your tractor.

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Parameter/ Models Hinged excavator Grif for mini tractors Ет-1 Ет-2
Producer TM Minidiger TM Minidiger
Type Mounted excavator on a mini tractor Tractor mini excavator
Model Gryf ЕТ-2
Producing country Ukraine Ukraina
Weight 380 kg 310 kg
Total height 1,5 m 1,35 m
Width (in folded position) 1,4 m 1,2 m
Length (in folded position) 1,6 m 1,6 m
Arrow rotation angle 90 °right / 90 ° left 45 ° right / 90 ° left
Maximum boom lift 1,7 m 1,7 m
The maximum carrying capacity of the boom 300 kg 1,5 m
Maximum digging depth 2 m 2 m
Traction force 1,5 t 1,5 t
PTO 540-1100 rpm -
Recommended oil flow own system 17 l/min.
Tractor oil tank capacity 20 l -
Hydraulic working pressure 160 bar 145 bar
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